What Does it Mean to be "Healthy", Anyway?


Very early on in my chiropractic training, I was introduced to a specialty within chiropractic, called Applied Kinesiology. The core of applied kinesiology is to address the patient with what we as professional applied kinesiologists call the “triad of health.” The triad of health consists of looking at the structural, mental/emotional, and chemical components to symptoms or health challenges a patient is experiencing. It is a very holistic and comprehensive view of healing and is key to achieving true health! All 3 aspects of the triad of health are very important, so here is a brief breakdown: {more details to come in future posts!}

1. Structural

Any chiropractor, physical therapist, massage therapist, or body worker will agree that the structure of our body is vital to our health. By keeping muscles balanced, joints moving freely, and the spine in alignment we are able to function optimally. It’s so important to address our structural, or physical health on a regular basis. By getting regular “tune-ups” one can avoid any major injuries or chronic imbalances, leading to things like degenerative disease and chronic pain.

2. Mental/Emotional

This is an aspect of health that so many of us ignore. It is important to find your own way to “de-stress” and clear your mind. Whether it be yoga, meditation, spiritual practice, exercise, or working with a practitioner to help relieve emotional stress, can make a world of difference. Emotions affect our physiology and many common health problems can be alleviated with lowering our stress levels. Common things like headaches, digestion issues, chronic fatigue, and generalized pain can all have associated emotional components. Working on this aspect of the triad can help one stay in their power and avoid mental blocks to being healthy and achieving goals!

3. Chemical

Chemical health can encompass many things. It can involve the food we put in our bodies, the nutrients we may be lacking from our diet, medications or supplements we are taking, and the toxins we are exposed to daily. By trying to limit the amount of toxins in our environment, eating nutrient rich food, drinking clean water, and taking any supplements needed, our physiology is able to best thrive and our bodies are able to heal naturally.  

It is important to remember that our bodies speak to us!  If we are experiencing pain, whether it be physical or emotional, we should ask ourselves, “What is my body saying to me?”  Think of your body and symptoms like the check engine light in your car.  When the light comes on, we can either take the car to the shop, figure out what the problem is, and fix it...or we can ignore it until the car breaks down! Our bodies act in a similar way. When they speak to us with symptoms we can chose to ignore the symptoms or cover them up with medications, or attend to it right away and avoid chronic or serious problems down the road!  

It’s time to start listening to you bodies, my friends! What are they saying?

Love & Vitality,
Dr. Abby