Let's Talk About Stress, Baby!


Stress is one of the top reasons that americans visit the doctors every day! According to the Mayo Clinic, a stressful lifestyle can contribute to conditions such as:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Digestive problems

  • Headaches

  • Heart disease

  • Sleep problems

  • Weight gain

  • Memory & concentration impairment

Any of these sound familiar?!

Stress is defined as: “A specific response by the body to a stimulus, as fear or pain, that disturbs or interferes with the normal physiological equilibrium of an organism.” When our stress levels exceed our capacity to handle stress, symptoms appear.

I have assembled several rockstar opinions from leaders in their fields on how they have seen stress affect their clients or employees, and their tools and strategies to help their audiences reduce stress. Read below for their advice!

Dr. Darren Weissman,

Chiropractor, Holistic Physician, and founder of the Lifeline Technique© works daily to help his patients bridge the gap between physical symptoms and the stressful causes behind them.  He states:

“I find the primary struggle that most people have when it comes to stress is misunderstanding its nature. Stress is a portal rather than a problem. It's a necessary feedback system to empower and awaken us to the next greatest version of ourselves. In my humble opinion, the consequence of seeing stress as a problem to solve, fix, fight, or make go away is the most profound dis-ease for all of humanity. The misperception of viewing stress as the problem creates a fear based life. We do things to avoid rather than embracing our life with acts of self-love. Most people eat food and exercise so they don't gain weight, avoid cancer and don't end up a diabetic like their mother or father. Each and every symptom and disease of our body as well as stressful thoughts and limiting beliefs in our mind are a very intelligent feedback system.

Not only is stress normal, it's necessary. Life takes on a whole new meaning when we view stress as a portal. Like a caterpillar going into the darkness of a chrysalis and emerging a butterfly, the next greatest version of our very best self is birthed.  We will not grow, learn, or heal without it. Completely take away stress and you've completely wiped out life. The fun game we get to play here on Earth School is to create a practice for reconnecting to the present moment when we're in the throes of stress so we can find a healthy balance point and therefore thrive.

We are all interconnected by a field of energy. When one person shines, a ripple of light is set in motion for others to awaken their very best self. Stress empowers us to create a positive evolutionary change on our spiritual journey.  

So I didn't answer the question about the myriad of "health issues" that goes along with stress because the real culprit is perception. One person perceives stress and another perceives opportunity. Our perception is based upon our beliefs. Our beliefs represent the experiences and memories of our lives. When we process emotionally charged memories living in our subconscious mind our perception naturally begins to change. The significance is we discover what it means to live a life of optimal health, balance, and purpose. Thank you to the gift in very strange wrapping paper called stress!”


Mindy Mackenzie,

Speaker, CEO Advisor, and WSJ Best-Selling Author has fabulous insight to stress and how it affects the corporate world:

“My clients are highly successful business executives who all benefit from daily breathing or mindfulness activities to reduce their stress.  I recommend 4-7-8 breathing (breathe in for a count of 4, hold for a count of 7, exhale for a count of 8).  They tell me time and again that doing this when they feel stressed or can't sleep helps them to relax and get re-centered.”


Alexander Courtney,

Personal Trainer & Movement Specialist, sees how stress impacts his clients physical goals and achievements.

“The ways I see stress affecting my clients most is an inability to maintain balance in one way or another, whether that is poor eating, lack of movement, family stress, etc.

My stress facilitators!

  1. Stop and Breathe - taking 10 good breaths always helps clear my head of clutter.
  2. Take a break - The world WILL NOT disintegrate if you stop working for 8 minutes.
  3. Stay focused on ONE task at a time and give it your all.
  4. Be present - Notice the nice view out your front door, the sunset at the park, or the new shirt your friend bought.”

Rev. Darrell Jones,

licensed minister, spiritual counselor, and founder of Soul Gym adds:

“Most people I work with are stressed because of the unknown or perception of others opinions. Meditation and inviting people to ground in the mindful practice of remembering we are not our circumstances. Circumstances are constantly changing but our inherent truth of being love never changes. Bringing that reminder to conscious thought everyday allows us to be in  relationship powerfully with any circumstance, one that causes stress or joy.”

There you have it! From behind the desk at a corporate job, to moving your physical body, stress reduction will help anyone perform better. Listen to what stress or symptoms are telling you! Where is your life out of balance? Take a few deep breaths, move, and stay present my friends!


Love & Chill Vibes,
Dr. Abby