3 Biohacks to Keep Your Immune System Healthy this Fall!


While I L O V E the change in seasons, it can also bring on some shifts in immune health. Ever notice how once school starts up, kids are coming down with colds like crazy? If we are healthy and balanced, there is no reason for viruses to strike, however, if our systems are compromised, it creates the perfect environment to house those guys. Here, I provide my favorite top 3 immune boosting tips, crucial to staying healthy and vibrant-despite season changes and sniffly kiddos.

1. Probiotics

A healthy gut microbiome is essential to a healthy immune system. While this connection may not seem obvious, it is estimated that 80% of our immune system is made in the gut! WOW! A good quality probiotic is essential for high functioning immune systems, and a healthy gut. Probiotics really give us multiple benefits. Check out my favorite probiotic, Megasporebiotic, here. {more in this amazing product in a future post!}

2. Vitamin C

Did you know large doses of vitamin C are actually research proven to prevent severity and duration of colds? Pretty awesome stuff. Feel a sore throat or sniffles coming on? Vitamin C to the rescue! A couple of weeks ago I was feeling a virus start to rear it’s head, and I dosed up on Vitamin C {hourly} for a day and poof...virus gone. That’s some awesome natural mojo dayquil can’t compete with! {Bonus biohack: Zinc supplementation can greatly help as well!} Vitamin C is not shown to prevent colds, but it has been shown to reduce severity of symptoms, and duration. I recommend finding a powdered form to supplement {easier to absorb} from a whole food source {more bioavailable for the body to utilize!}

3. Vitamin D

Healthy vitamin D levels are essential for SO many biologic processes, including immune system health. And let’s face it, with busy schedules and long winter months {I’m talking to you, Chicagoans!} we don’t get enough of it. Many over the counter forms of Vitamin D are not very concentrated or potent enough to effectively raise levels. For adults, especially if not spending time outside, I recommend 5,000 IU/day. Make sure you purchase Vitamin D3 - the most active form for our bodies!

By implementing these 3 simple {and 1 bonus!} biohacks, I hope you and your family can enjoy a happy and healthy fall season!

Love & All Things Pumpkin,
Dr. Abby