Dr. Abby's Top 6 Apps for a Healthier You!


Why not use technology fully to our advantage?! I have assembled a list of my favorite “healthy” applications {smartphone or tablet} that have helped myself and my patients maintain healthier habits: body, mind, and spirit. Read below and download the ones that speak to you!


Couch to 5k

I love this app! This is the app that single-handedly helped me find a love for running. It gives you 30 minute walk-runs and starts you at ground zero! It even sync’s with your music and instructs you when to walk or run as you go along!


This app is a great all-around fitness tracker. I dare you do find an activity that this app doesn’t support! Keep up your fitness goals and join friends along the way. I love the built in GPS in this system which can track pace, distance, and even heart rate with a compatible device!




Headspace is a great app for anyone looking to build a habit of meditation and mindfulness. It starts out with some 10 minute meditations {with fabulous instructional videos} which help teach you about the power of mindfulness and gain a habit within 10 days. It is a membership fee to have full access but you can enjoy some of the meditations for free!


This app syncs all your notes, to-do lists, events, drawings, audio recordings, etc. in 1 place! Up your organization game and help calm that brain chatter by using this tool to literally organize your thoughts!



Astrology Zone

Ok guys, I haven’t always been into the “woo woo” stuff but Susan Miller is the REAL deal. Download her free app to get her zodiac monthly {and daily} forecasts. I kickstart my months by reading her forecast, and it has helped guide me through the month with intention!

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

What good are we without a good night’s rest? For those of you who use a phone or tablet as your alarm clock, this app analyzes your sleep and wakes you up during your lightest phase of rest, which is ideal to feel the most rested throughout the day.

Which apps do you use that have helped you maintain healthy habits? Comment below and let me know, I’d love to hear!