Dr. Abby's Favorite Things: 2017 Edition


Looking for some holiday shopping inspo for gifts that are fabulous AND mindful? Look no further. Here's my top 10 favorite things of 2017 for all your shopping needs!

1. Essential Oil Blends

Who doesn't love their home, bath, or body to smell fabulous? My latest favorite blends are made by the company Ver Vita, who seeks only the highest quality ingredients for their beautiful blends. My personal favorite is heart harmony, a great sweet blend for the holiday season!


2. Bath Bombs 

Confession, I'm a bath junkie! Lush bath bombs are a fabulous treat for a friend (or yourself!) for an extra luxurious bath experience!


3. Pajamas 

I love a good pair of quality soft pajamas as a gift. My friend and colleague Cari, got me hooked on soma pajamas, the softest and coolest pajamas around! A great gift because most of us don't splurge on sleepwear!


4. "Medical Medium" - By Anthony William

This book has been transformational for me and changed a lot of my views in functional medicine and nutrition. A great gift for your health conscious friend!


5. The Passion Planner 

This has made my list 2 years in a row! I love this planner because it functions as a day planner, journal, and goal-crushing tool...all in one! Pre-order your 2018 planner now as they ALWAYS sell out!


6. Wireless headphones

I was not sold on these, and my husband finally convinced me to go for it! Truly a game changer for workouts. No wires floating around or getting tangled and they sync brilliantly with your phone, fitness tracker, or computer. I have the apple airpods and am in love!


7. Gap high rise leggings 

Ok ladies, I am a SUCKER for good quality workout gear, that tucks it in in all the right places...can I get an amen? So happy I stumbled upon these, and on sale to boot! Great for your fitness loving (or couch potato) girl!


8.  VitaJuwel Water Bottle

This is a mega splurge for a water bottle...but oh so worth it. It's made of glass (which I love) and houses a pod of crystals in the bottom to charge your water 24/7 with good juju! Pick which crystals you'd like inside for specific benefits! Warning: it is HEAVY!


9. Kettlebell 

The only workout tool you really need to get a good workout in at home! I'd recommend starting with a 12kg bell and a book or DVD to easily incorporate this versatile tool into your at-home workout routine.


10. Hylunia Papaya Enzyme Mask

I discovered Hylunia this year at a wonderful spa in Sedona, and am hooked! Their clean products work wonderfully, and I especially enjoy using this mask at least once per week for an extra dose of moisture and exfoliation. Check out their travel packs as well, which are fab!