5 Steps to Nailing Your New Years Resolutions


We've all done it...set resolutions and goals for the new year only to fall short a couple months later. Ever noticed how the gym is packed full come January 1st and empty by spring break? Follow these 5 tips to nail your resolutions the whole year round!

1. Focus on ONE goal

Whether it be health, business, or personal related aim your focus on one goal instead of many. Taking on too many goals at once just becomes defeating and can set you up for failure. About this time last year I was listening to a fabulous podcast by guru trainer Josh Hillis, and he talked about "Rigging the game so you can win over and over again!" Rig the game, peeps!

2. Write {or type} it

Things tend to come to life when we put them on paper. By writing it down and keeping it in your awareness i.e.: post-it notes, reminders on computers or phones, etc, we are constantly reminded of our goals.

3. Start strategizing

A great tool I LOVE for goal setting is my Passion Planner. They have done a great job at helping one outline clear action steps to accomplish goals and check-in's along the way. Keep up the writing to define clear and concise action steps needed to take to accomplish your goal. Create deadlines for yourself on when these "mini tasks" need to be accomplished by so you can hone in on 1 mini goal at a time.

4. Get a Goal Buddy

Have that BFF that is nothing but your biggest cheerleader? Tell them about your goals and deadlines and recruit them to cheer you on! Or better yet, get on the goal train together and have a weekly {or monthly} get together to talk about progress and encourage each other.

5. Treat Yo' Self

Come up with a fabulous reward for yourself once your goal {or even mini goals} are complete. Wanting to splurge on something but looking for a reason? This can be the perfect way to motivate you toward goal completion, whatever your goal may be! 

Apply these steps and soar through your goals! You may even find you complete them easier and faster than you imagined! Great, then create a new goal as the year goes on. What is your goal for 2018?